Canada Nano Silver

by Engage Your Health Now


Support recover maintain

weak immune system

Keep your body strong and help your wellness goals with Silver Biotics® Trace Element Silver Supplement & Lozenges!

burn relief

Armor Gel is a triple threat that uses the strength of patented silver technology to effectively kill bacteria, fungus and yeast.*

dry/damaged skin

Without any harsh chemicals or anything artificial, Silver Biotics® Skin Care is carefully formulated to improve your skin’s health.

Bad Breath/Gums

Made without the use of harsh chemicals, Silver Oral Care products are a great for your daily oral hygiene routine.


Don't just take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about our Silver Biotics® products!

“I swear by this stuff. I’ve been getting tattoos for years and this is great healing product. Just apply a few times a day and the tattoo heals quicker then normal and the colors stay bright and beautiful!”


"I have been taking this for three years. It builds your immune system. The proof - I have not been sick with a cold or flu."

Terri Jenkin

“Minimal irritation that comes with new tattoos, helps keep them bacteria free, and speeds up the healing process while preserving the ink in the tattoo. Best part... it’s not sticky and lasts for most of the day.”

Million lives improved & Happier

Studies, reports & Publications

Thousand Units Donated

Million Wounds Healed

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